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We will get your driveway, sidewalks, and walkways cleaned with our concrete power washing service! When we think of exterior home maintenance, we often think about our windows, roofs, or gutters. But what a lot of people forget is their driveway and walkways, both of which are among the very first things people notice about your property. 

Just like it’s important to keep other parts of your interior and exterior home clean, it’s vital to maintain the concrete around your property as it’s constantly exposed to the elements and endures daily foot and/or vehicle traffic. 

Why Clean Your Concrete Driveway?

Dark stains on your driveway from oil, dirt, and mold growth are not only unsightly but can cause a lot of damage if not removed. These contaminants can wear away at the pavement over time and leave you with repairs and even full driveway replacements sooner than expected. Pressure washing is the perfect preventative measure against early deterioration and repairs and extends the life of your pavement.

Another good reason to pressure wash your concrete surfaces is to boost curb appeal and real estate value. If you’re looking to sell your home, a clean driveway is among the first things you want in the selling process.

Our Cleaning Process

  1. Eliminate large debris: Brush away debris like sticks, dirt, and pebbles
  2. Power wash: Concrete is durable and can withstand the high water pressure
  3. Apply sealant: We finish the job by sealing the surface for a nice finish and protective coat. This helps prevent future staining.

Soft Washing For Concrete Pavers

Certain surfaces like paver walkways require a gentler touch as pressure washing can dislodge the pavers. For these jobs, we use our soft wash method to get into every groove on the surface for a deep cleaning that does not loosen the pavers or damage your walkway.

4 Benefits of Driveway Cleaning

Boost Curb Appeal

A clean driveway and walkway boosts curb appeal and makes your entire home look great.

Save Time

Routine cleaning minimizes driveway maintenance over time and saves you time you can spend on other important responsibilities around the home.

Save Money

Contaminant growth can cause pavement cracking and early repairs, which can be expensive.

Protect Your Health

Remove harmful substances like mold and mildew and improve the air quality around your home.


(954) 628-5244

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Professional Concrete Cleaning in Broward County

For quality concrete cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, call KGE Services now. Our team has the experience, insurance, and certifications required to get this job done safely and efficiently with zero damage. We have been cleaning properties throughout Broward County for years and are eager to help you get started with our exterior maintenance services today. We’d be happy to provide a free, no-obligation estimate! Just give us a call.