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To get your home clean and sparkling, you need go no further than KGE Services. Our team of experts are soft wash certified and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with zero damage to your exterior surface! We offer a wide variety of house washing services for vinyl, brick, fiber cement, wood siding, and more. Give us a call today so we can put our expertise behind getting your Fort Lauderdale property looking its best even this fall season!

Our Promise to You

We promise 100% satisfaction on all our house washing services, or you don’t pay. How do we guarantee zero-damage cleaning on every single job?

The power of soft water is transforming the industry of exterior home maintenance! There are so many companies out there that offer hard scrubbing for your property and leave it damaged by powerful sprays. Why? 

They don’t offer cleaning services with a softer touch. Not only does soft washing clean effectively but also gently enough to keep any surface, including wood decks and patios, in its original, undamaged condition as if untouched before hand!

What is Soft Wash House Washing?

Not only is it eco-friendly, but this method also does not require the use of high pressure water. Instead, its sodium hypochlorite solution can break down any mold growth on your home’s siding without intense water pressure – which makes for a safer and more effective method!

Our Process:

Apply Detergents

Spray the detergents onto the surface from top to bottom

Watch the Detergents Work!

Allow the detergents to sit for about 10 minutes. It only takes 10 minutes for these powerful detergents to break down and eliminate mold and mildew. Say goodbye to those ugly brown stains streaking your walls and making your home look dingy!


After the 10 minutes are up, thoroughly rinse all the chemicals away with a low pressure setting similar to that of a typical garden hose.

Fresh & Clean Siding

Your siding is damage- and stain-free!

Why You Should Wash Your Home

You know that your home is an investment, but it’s also where you live. You don’t want to just care about how nice the outside looks for visitors and strangers passing by; you want to take pride in your family’s space! And when a house takes good care of itself over time, not only does it last longer – which means more savings down the line- but maintenance costs are usually lower too. So let our team help you keep your home clean and well taken care of.

4 Benefits of House Washing

Boost Curb Appeal

Boost curb appeal and get your siding and soffit washed today. Make the neighbors jealous with walls that shine!

Save Time

A professional comes with all necessary equipment, supplies, and experience to save you time you’d spend researching cleaning techniques and buying all the materials.

Save Money

 Prevent property damage by letting the pros take care of it for you. Routine cleaning also prevents early deteriorating of your home, saving you money on repairs later on.

Protect Your Health

 Remove harmful mold and mildew from your home and improve the air quality around your property.


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At KGE Services, we are 100% committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction. We never cut corners when it comes to service because quality is what matters most to our clients! Our team of professionals always ensures that safety standards and your needs come first during the entire process – from start until finish. Call us today so you can see how much difference high-quality service makes in a home or office environment! We’ll get you started with a free estimate on all house washing services in Ft. Lauderdale.