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Miami: World Famous for Beautiful Beaches

Miami Beach is a popular tourist destination for many reasons, but one of the best parts about it is the beaches. From Miami Beach to North Bay Village, there are so many wonderful places to visit and explore! We’ll tell you about some of the most popular beaches in Miami Beach and highlight what makes them unique.


Right in the Heart- Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive – The heart of South Beach, Ocean Drive is one of the most well-known and frequented parts within Miami Beach. It’s a great place to meet people from all over while enjoying some delicious food at any one of its many fine dining establishments or trendy bars. Afterward, you can walk along the beach and look out over the water to take in some truly breathtaking views!

An Island Paradise in North Bay

This park sits between the two islands that make up North Bay Village. It’s just south of the City and offers beautiful views of both sides, making it easy to see why so many people choose to visit this location when they come to the city! Of course, one can’t mention Collins Park without mentioning its most famous landmark: the iconic Parrot Jungle. Over 100 years old, this is a must-see attraction for any tourist or local looking for an amazing experience with nature.


Find Your Sunny Oasis in Morningside Park

A peaceful oasis in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, Morningside Park can be found on 73rd Street. It’s home to many wildlife preserves like the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens (worth seeing) as well as beautiful trees which make it a prime location for walking or jogging through when coming to visit Florida! Plus there are some great places nearby where you can eat with friends after an exhausting day exploring everything this wonderful city has to offer.


Set Your Sights on Museum Park

This neighborhood can be found on the northern end of the City. It’s home to a wide variety of restaurants and bars which make it great for hanging out with friends or family after an exhausting day exploring all that this wonderful city has to offer! There are also some amazing museums in the area, making it easy to spend hours looking at art from different cultures around the world as well as learning about history right here in Florida!


Miami Beach is a beautiful tourist destination where there is always something new and exciting going on for you to enjoy! Whether you’re visiting because you have heard so much about its culture or if you just want to relax by one of its many gorgeous beaches, we hope these tips will help point your vacation in the right direction!

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