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An Adventure You’ll Never Forget

The Florida Everglades is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world. The scenery will take your breath away, but it’s not just about nature. There are many things to do when visiting this amazing place! One such activity that you may want to consider is a boat ride through the everglades. This adventure will transport you into an exotic paradise with alligators and mangrove trees everywhere. You might even see a bald eagle or two soaring overhead! It’s an experience like no other, so read on for more information.


What is an Airboat?

First things first: You will be riding the waters on an airboat. An airboat is a vessel that uses a fan to blow air into the water. This creates an area of low pressure behind the boat, which sucks in and pushes out more water than other vessels. The result is a much faster ride that will push you back into your seat! It’s actually pretty safe too, but keep in mind there are no life jackets available so you’ll need to take care of yourself. 


Learn About the Wildlife

The Everglades is home to many different kinds of wildlife, and there are spotting cruises available for people interested in learning more about the animals. The main attractions include alligators, bald eagles, manatees, turtles and even panthers! If you’re lucky, you might spot an endangered Florida Panther on your trip through the everglades. These animals are shy, which makes spotting them even more exciting!

Take in the Scenery

There is no other place like this on earth, so seeing it for yourself counts as an adventure all its own. The mangrove trees and twisting waterways wind around each other to create a unique scene that you will never forget. You can see all of this from a bird’s eye view, so take advantage of the opportunities given to you! There are many different types of boats available for rental, including airboats. You can even rent kayaks and spend some time exploring on your own if you prefer more active activities.


Visit a Historic Site

Along with being home to many different kinds of wildlife, the Florida Everglades is also full of history. In fact, it’s one of the oldest ecosystems in North America! If you want to learn more about this unique place and its rich culture, consider going on a boat tour that includes stops at historic sites along the way.

Explore the Area on Foot

If you’re interested in getting out of the boat, some tours allow their passengers to explore areas along the water’s edge on foot. This is a great opportunity for experienced hikers and beginners alike! You’ll be able to see more animals without having to travel too far from your starting point. It also makes for a great picture opportunity!

Book Your Trip Today!

There are many different companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL that offer boat rides through the everglades, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that suits your needs. You can book a ride online or by phone and you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable adventure in no time!

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